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Pain Relief

Acupuncture works for everyone! Acupuncture works for everyone!

“If there is no free flow there is pain, establish free flow and there will be no pain.”

This is the basic premise of acupuncture; that pain results from poor blood flow, habituation of the nervous system and interrupted communication in the connective tissues of the body.  Acupuncture points are like switches or keys that re-establish smooth flow, thereby allowing your body to heal.

Pain will severely limit your quality of life. Who wants to go out on a date with a migraine or hike with sciatica?  Traditional medicine has drugs to relieve pain, but these only mask symptoms and often create further problems. Acupuncture has a long history (3000+ years!) of getting to the root of the issue to stop pain. Often times you will feel the effects immediately!


Acupuncture is one of those things where seeing is believing. Call today!  479-435-3901



Download additional info on pain and Acupuncture on right side of this page under attachments or go to the link below

Acupuncture for Chornic Pain

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