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Helping you Conceive Helping you Conceive

Natural and Integrative Care.

My knowledge of Chinese medicine helped me to have my own children late in life and being part of bringing new life into the world is one of the joys of my practice. 


Whether you have just begun to think of adding to your family and want to get in optimal health before conception or you've been through multiple IUIs and IVFs, I am committed to giving you the very best care. Your first appointment will include a detailed history of your reproductive and general health, review of records, physical exam (this is Chinese pulse, tongue and palpation not a gynecological exam), acupuncture treatment, lifestyle advice and possible herbal recommendation. 


When treating fertility with Chinese medicine, we are trying rebalance the body and often times things traditional MDs ignore (unexplained infertility) hold the key. Symptoms such as: painful periods, spotting, PMS, fatigue, stress, very heavy or very light bleeding tell me a woman's reproductive system is not functioning optimally. I will tailor treatment to YOU.


Please download my Free Fertility Advice and contact me with your questions and concerns or to book an appointment.

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