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I am always amazed at how good I feel after acupuncture - I have never responded to any medication or treatment as I do with this. I recommend Lisa to anyone who fails to respond to conventional medical care.

I had migraines as frequent as twice a week when I first started acupuncture. Now I can honestly say I might get a headache every 6 weeks. It has helped me so much! After every session I feel less stress and anxiety and my energy is renewed.

I've been getting acupuncture treatments regularly from her now for about three months. It has made a huge difference in my well-being on so many levels mental physical and spiritual. I have completely gotten off antidepressant medication.Acupuncture is real and it works! I very highly recommend Lisa's practice to anyone who is been thinking about acupuncture for themselves!!!!! Do it!

Thank you for your outstanding care during my IVF cycle.  I love being a Mommy and am even getting a little sleep now.  I'll be back when we try for our 2nd child.  



I'm pregnant!!!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!!


I was almost not able to move from a bulging disc irritating a nerve in by lower back when I went to see Lisa Fogel.  She made time at 8 am on a Saturday to see me as quickly as possible.  The treatment was wonderful.  The treatment room was peaceful.  After the first treatment I could walk again relatively normally.  After the third treatment, I was able to go dancing again.  Lisa is a gift to me in that she is also helping me to stop smoking.  She listens, studies and quietly and gently gives me the proper treatment.  Her needle sticks are also very gentle and I often don't feel them.  I mention this because I have had acupuncture treatments in which the practitioner somehow applied the needles too deep and it was painful.  Lisa does not do this.  Her application of the needles is much more shallow yet provides the same great results.


Shingles is the pain from Hell.  All mainstream medicine could do was drug me down so I could sleep a couple hours, then I woke with stabbing pain. In desperation I went to the acupuncturist, Lisa Fogel. After treatment I was pain free. I wish I had been smart enough to go to her sooner.



"I really wanted to thank you, you have done an incredible job with him. He is feeling much better(patient suffered from sinus issues, shoulder and hip pain). Thank you very, very much for taking such good care of my Dad." 



YOU are an amazing healer!!! Thank you so much Lisa for your divine care. I want to come back (for my back) soon. I am sending many clients your way-


If you want a really talented healer who is super sweet then go see Lisa Fogel at Fayetteville Acupuncture! She has me feeling great whether it's for for back pain, female hormonal issues, hives, candida, sexual abuse recovery, fertility and pregnancy care including getting rid of pregnancy nausea 100%, children's issues, stress, general illness, and so on..


... so thankful for acupuncture! Need to feel better? Go see Lisa Fogel! She's awesome!

I had severe daily headaches following a car wreck last fall. Chiropractic made it worse and I didn't want to keep taking the drugs my doctor prescribed. I am terrified of needles, but my friend recommended Lisa and I was desperate. She healed me completely in 6 visits and I actually found acupuncture very relaxing.

I couldn't wait so I went and got a better pregnancy test. It's positive!!!

Good news to report - positive pregnancy test. Thank you for everything!!  

I am feeling a lot better. Thank you! I haven't had a headache since I last saw you. Thank you, Lisa!

We had our beautiful baby girl yesterday morning! She was born at 8:44am, and is doing perfectly. Thank you!!

...it worked and we are expecting our baby boy in March!! Thank you for all you did to help us through our IVF process. You were so kind and gentle.

Carter was born on Monday July 9th at 12:16pm weighing 7 pounds 5 ounces and 20.5".  My labor was only 6 hours ...  Anyway, we are totally in love with our little boy.  Attached is a picture of him. Thank you so much for helping me carry him to term.  I really think acupuncture was the key to my successful pregnancy.  Thank you again! 


"...we are totally in love with our little boy.  Thank you so much for helping me carry him to term.  I really think acupuncture was the key to my successful pregnancy."  

Amazing sums it up.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa is the best! She can take care of so many things-- both acute and chronic issues! I go every week! Love it!

Fayetteville Acupuncture is AWESOME! Lisa is great. Come see her for almost anything.

I go (to Lisa) every other week for my chronic neck and back pain. It also helps my stress. Just wish I had tried acupuncture a long time ago.

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